Attorney: Heather Mack Not Selling Her Baby

The attorney representing Heather Mack says that the American teen is not trying to sell her baby for $150,000, contrary to numerous media reports. News 24 reports that the 19-year-old woman is, however, arranging for her child to be cared for by a family in Bali, which is where she is jailed for participating in the murder of her mother. The young woman’s attorney blames the recent reports on a so called smear campaign caused by one woman with alleged ulterior motives.

People from all over the world were outraged when the news first broke that Mack was allegedly arranging for the sale of her baby. Popular sources like The Daily Mail even covered the story. That story, it turns out, originated from the baby’s paternal grandmother, the mother of Tommy Schaefer. Kia Walker told the media that she had proof such as “text messages and confessions” to back up her claims that Heather Mack is planning on selling her baby for $150,000. However, when the woman was asked to clarify on her claims later she indicated that she’d rather write a book and share her story that way. This inspired the response from Mack’s attorney.

“The allegations of Heather selling Baby Stella for $150,000 are unequivocally ‘not true,’ but are nothing more than a smearing campaign of Heather’s genuine concerns for Stella. The financial motives of Kia Walker are coming to light by her own admissions.”

Currently, the child is being cared for by her mother behind the walls of the prison where she has been ordered to spend the next 10 years of her life. With prison being no place to raise a child, Mack is weighing her options. She may adopt her out to a local family either temporarily or permanently. Meanwhile, she is fighting for access to the $1.6 million trust fund her mother left her. If she is not granted access to those funds (since she helped murder the woman), her daughter may inherit every penny of it.

Do you believe Heather Mack’s attorney, or do you believe the paternal grandmother of the imprisoned woman’s baby? It would be interesting to see the so called proof that the woman claims to have, but Mack’s attorney is making sure to publicly question her credibility with the revelation that she may be writing a book. At any rate, there is still a very young infant child at the center of this drama and a decision needs to be made for her well being.

[Photo: Screenshot from News.AU video]