Ted Bundy: ID's 'The Hunt For Ted Bundy' Premieres Tonight, Some Viewers Disappointed By 'Serial Thriller,' Serial Killer Series

The Hunt For Ted Bundy is a follow-up documentary that will go in-depth about Ted Bundy. According to Investigation Discovery (ID), The Hunt For Ted Bundy will debut tonight at 8 p.m. The fascination with Ted Bundy has been non-stop since his crimes were revealed. And since the 1980s, there have been countless movies and documentaries featuring the case. ID's The Hunt For Ted Bundy comes on the heels of the three-part scripted series Serial Thriller: Angel of Decay. In that three part series, viewers watched the case and tried to figure out who the serial killer was, based on the clues. Some of the facts in the case indicated that the person "whodunit" was Ted Bundy, but some ID Addicts were left confused by the person who was chosen to play Ted Bundy---a person who looked nothing like Bundy.

Perhaps this wasn't just some oversight on ID's part. It could be that the producers wanted to disguise the character a bit in order to heighten the mystery before the big reveal at the end of the series.

Needless to say, many viewers were disappointed with Serial Thriller: Angel of Decay's lack of in-depth information about Ted Bundy. Tonight's The Hunt For Ted Bundy will make up for what wasn't covered in the series---or at least, that is the expectation.

ID teases as follows.

"Homicide detective Bob Keppel digs into his groundbreaking 1974 serial murder investigation files. Featuring rare film archive, actual case documents, and original death row recordings, this film is the definitive study of what it took to hunt Ted Bundy."
So, for those who were left disappointed by the scripted series, don't forget to watch The Hunt For Ted Bundy tonight on Investigation Discovery. A couple of things:

Many will agree that the best Ted Bundy movie ever made was the 1980s movie, Deliberate Stranger, starring Mark Harmon as Ted Bundy. According to the Movies Based On True Stories Archives, Harmon captured the very essence of Ted Bundy, right down to his clean-shaven look. The music in the Deliberate Stranger was enough to scare most teens and adults who watched the movie when it first debuted in May, 1986.

The Archives also mentions that the Lifetime movie Murder At My Door, starring Judith Light, was another movie that was loosely inspired by the Ted Bundy case. It involved a teen/young man who was suspected of killing two girls. The movie also focused on the young man's strong desire to be with his grandmother.

The Deliberate Stranger Trailer (1986)

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