Camilla Parker-Bowles Makeover: Duchess Of Cornwall Gets New Look With Hairstyle, Fashion Overhaul

Camilla Parker-Bowles had a noticeable makeover while attending a function dedicated to her late brother on Saturday. The Duchess of Cornwall had a shorter hairstyle and wore a printed silk dress designed by Anna Valentine, the same designer who made her wedding gown when she married Prince Charles in 2005.

Camilla paired a sequined clutch, that was shaped like a can of baked beans, with her Valentine gown. The duchess sported a bob hairstyle, which is the first change for her in over thirty years. Parker-Bowles’ hairstylist is Hughe Green, 71, who joins her on tours that she takes abroad. It’s also reported that the 67-year-old duchess gets her highlights done at Jo Hansford Salon in Mayfair.

Many note that the Prince of Wales’ wife has “fresher and plumper” skin. It’s believed that Camilla Parker-Bowles has had regular bee venom facials done at her home by skincare expert Deborah Mitchell. The process is called “nature’s botox,” in which apotoxins “trick” the complexion into stimulating collagen production through the body sending blood to the area.

Camilla’s skin is visibly smoother, with reduced lines and wrinkles. As the years have gone by since marrying Charles, royal watchers say her appearance has improved. It probably should be noted that bee venom costs £30,000 for a single ounce! A 50ml pot of Mitchell’s Bee Venom mask is priced around £73.

The Daily Mail reports that professionals are amazed at the results seen on the duchess. Dr. Neetu Nirdosh is a skin specialist on Harley Street. The doctor speculates more on Camilla’s look.

“Camilla’s face isn’t that of an average sixty-something. Her fresh appearance could be down to the use of subtle cosmetic treatments, particularly dermal fillers and Botox but not in the bog standard upper face regions.

Her cheeks are plump and her cheekbones are located quite high up. Her jawline and neck are also perfectly angled and firm – and there’s no sign of jowls. Such a defined jawline is not usual in someone her age.”

Part of Camilla Parker-Bowles’ makeover is credited to her level of fitness. She enjoys country walks and isn’t one to sit around and eat a lot of sweets. She’s known to enjoy an occasional drink, however. It’s been a challenge for her to keep the weight off after suffering a knee injury and, at times, enduring back pain. The pain has been enough to prevent her from attending scheduled engagements.

With all of her hard work, the Duchess of Cornwall is able to maintain a size 10 figure. Some of the more chic looks on Camilla are credited to Catherine Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge. Although Camilla doesn’t go for the high street labels that Catherine does, she apparently takes some tips from her “demure-but-glamorous rule book.” These have to do with highlighting a small waist with “waist-defining” darts.

Camilla seeks the expertise of the Queen’s former dresser, Jane Meakin, and wears several designs by Bruce Oldfield, Anna Valentine, and Edina Ronay. She occasionally follows the queen’s lead by asking designer Stewart Parvin to create something special for important occasions.

Then there are the jewels, hats, and accessories that Camilla is seen in. Prince Charles is said to buy pieces from Keppel’s jewelry collection as gifts to his wife.

The Keppel Ruby and Diamond tiara was passed down in Camilla’s family. It’s made of gold and platinum — and is set with diamonds and synthetic rubies.

Steve Bennett, a top jeweler, says the tiara symbolizes Parker-Bowles’ taste.

“She treads the line between quiet taste and obvious glamor faultlessly, and she always chooses pieces that are appropriate for her position.

These pieces are regal without being flamboyant, classic without seeming dated. She has an innate appreciation of unique pieces of jewelery in all shapes and forms.

Her taste for understated elegance has been increasingly noticed by the public, but in the 10 years since her engagement we have seen her emerge as something of an icon.”

Another article on Camilla Parker-Bowles and the jewelry pieces she wears can be read in this Inquisitr article. It highlights the royal jewels she wears and which ones have been gifts from Charles and the queen. Artemisia’ Royal Jewels has a vast list of jewels from the British Royal Family and their background.

See more photos of Camilla with her makeover here.

[Photo Credit: Photo by Jeff J Mitchell / Pool / Getty Images]