Zayn Malik Returning To One Direction? Website Change Opens Rift Between Fans

Fans of Zayn Malik and One Direction have found themselves in a virtual battle after a supposed change to One Direction’s official website may have hinted that he is slated to return to the popular group. On one side of the fence, fans are ecstatic that Zayn may be crawling back to the band and rejoining his mates on stage, putting all bygones behind them. On the opposite side, former fans of Zayn lashing back at the hopeful side and debating that the website change means nothing at all, and might possibly not even be a change. So, which side is right?

The entire debate began when a group of fans noticed that Zayn’s profile appeared on the One Direction website, according to Metro U.K. Rumors of his return quickly went into a meltdown as the fandom erupted into tears of hope. The twitter hasthag #zayniscomingback filled social media and rapidly went viral. The excitement that flowed over the Internet was equal only to the first appearance of the Beatles on the Ed Sullivan show. For a brief moment in time, trolling and duck lips took a back seat to the overjoyed influx of One Direction fans.

The incident that started it all began when a post about Zayn’s departure from the band was removed from the One Direction Facebook page and his profile returned to the One Direction website. However, the influx of fan girls and boys screaming in joy was fast interrupted by fans that intervened by saying Zayn’s profile has always been on the website. Twitterer @LarentsParadise shared was quick to add some realism to the fandom base.

” ‘#zayniscomingback’ hes not coming back. His bio was always on the 1D website, it was never deleted & the fb statement wasnt deleted either.”

Harry Styles even got in the on the debate and took his surprise to Twitter.

“Me because i see #zayniscomingback trending…tf is happening?”

According to Harry’s post, it seems that the rumors of Zayn’s return are false overreactions from the fan base. Still, hopeful fans are sitting tight, curious if Harry’s tweet is nothing more than a ruse to push their attention aside. Still, some fans are not so happy at the rumors of his return. Reporter and fan Lucy Christie shared her observation of Zayn at his last show, according to Rolling Stone, disappointed with his farewell attitude.

“Perhaps Zayn Malik was too busy focusing on getting his notes pitch perfect to engage with the crowd, or maybe he was stressing about his overly manicured hair, but he struggled to smile even once. His apathetic attitude was a notable crack in the otherwise polished performance.”

[Photo Courtesy Alex B. Huckle / Getty Images Entertainment]