Father Blinds 9-Month-Old Baby Girl With Chopstick In Heartbreaking Attack [Graphic Photo]

Aric Mitchell

A chopstick attack in China has left one 9-month-old baby girl without an eye and her father in a psychiatric hospital.

The Daily Mail reported on the heartbreaking incident that occurred in rural Henan, which is located in the central part of China.

The father, Shi Honglei (age not given), was engaged in an argument over money. The family is very poor and lives with Feng Fulan, the victim's grandmother. When Fulan stepped out of the house to borrow a neighbor's farming tools, Honglei allegedly took a chopstick and stabbed his daughter in the left eye.

(WARNING: Image below is incredibly disturbing.)

Chopstick Attack Closeup

When Fulan returned to the home, she found 9-month-old Shi Qianxuan's eye hanging out of the socket. The child was rushed to a hospital, but doctors were unable to save her eye.

Doctors are continuing with plastic surgery at Henen People's Hospital. USA-UK Online reports that the bill for the surgery will be $479 and that the family is trying to raise money from their fellow villagers.

The case is still being investigated, so there are a lot of questions as to what will become of the father. It's said that he suffers from schizophrenia.

While the attack was vicious, current indications are that the child will survive.

Unfortunately, this is not the first particularly heinous case of child abuse to come out of China in the last couple of months. The Inquisitr recently reported on a case where a mother had lashed her child with a back scratcher, leaving horrifying welts all over his body.

While in the woman's care, the 9-year-old boy is said to have been whipped and lashed with a back scratcher and ropes for not finishing the extra work the woman gave him.

She also allegedly knocked the boy to the ground and began kicking him. At one point, she reportedly burned him with water vapor, beat him with a water pipe, and jabbed him with nibs.

The boy was placed back in the care of his biological parents temporarily. No further word has been released on the case.

What do you think about attacks like this and the chopstick assault, readers? If mental illness is involved, do you think the attackers should be treated as criminals or placed in psychiatric care? Sound off in the comments section.

[Images of chopstick attack via The Daily Mail, linked above]