What Have The Duggars Cancelled Because Of ‘Attacks And Pressure’ On The Family?

Since the molestation charges about Josh Duggar allegedly molesting four females, including four of his sisters, the Duggars’ lives have been turned upside down. TLC has suspended–but did not yet cancel–their formerly prized popular show 19 Kids and Counting. And everyone is weighing in on the fact that the police were not immediately notified and the statute of limitations has run on Josh Duggar facing any legal charges. And Josh and his family have moved out of their Maryland digs and returned back to his Arkansas roots. Now, the heads of the clan, Jim Bob and Michelle, have cancelled an appearance and speech at a Colorado homeschooling conference this month, according to Raw Story.

The Rocky Mountain Super Conference on the Family is put on by the Christian Home Educators of Colorado (CHEC). It’s the largest home-schooling organization in the state, having over 10,000 families as members. The CHEC issued the following statement to its membership after learning of the Duggars’ withdrawal from the conference, according to Raw Story.

“By God’s Providence, CHEC just received word that Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar have decided not to come and address the 2015 Rocky Mountain Super Conference on the Family. This latest change comes in light of recent and increased attacks and pressure on the family. They have graciously requested to withdraw entirely from speaking at this year’s conference and therefore will not be appearing at the Friday evening event on June 19th.”

Apparently, even after the scandals broke, Jim Bob and Michelle still planned to attend the conference, as long as they didn’t have to discuss them. The CHEC stated that the couple “humbly desire that the evening be focused on how the Gospel has penetrated their lives and given them hope in the trials that Christian families face.”

The cancellation occurred suspiciously after information hit the media that the Arkansas’ Department of Human Services attempted to pay the family a visit and ended up calling 911 because the Duggar family refused to cooperate when they went to investigate the welfare of one of the younger Duggar children, according to Patheos.

Why did they really cancel? The Duggars cited recent “attacks” on their family stemming from molestation.

Do you think that the Duggars cancelled so that they wouldn’t have to answer any more questions about the growing scandals that are surrounding the family? Do you think that their show should be placed back on TLC’s schedule? Please leave your comments below.

In a lovey-dovey mode, Jana Duggar wants the world to know that Michelle Duggar isn’t so bad–the oldest Duggar daughter recently revealed that she still looks up to her mother even though she’s made a few parenting mistakes, according to an article in the Inquisitr.

Is this just an attempt at damage control or real mother-daughter bonding?

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