Shannen Doherty Dishes On Married Life, Calls It ‘Phenomenal’

Shannen Doherty and her new spouse join the cavalcade of celebrity couples seeking to turn their nuptial experiences into cash money. Shannen Says chronicles that journey, showing all the stress and angst wedding-planning has to offer. But six-months after the “I do” date, Doherty herself opines that being married is great, calling her marriage to photographer Kurt Iswarienko “phenomenal”.

In a conference call with PEOPLE Thursday to promote the new reality show, Doherty said of her marriage that “Things couldn’t be better. Married life is amazing, and I can only say that because of my partner, because of Kurt.” The 40-year-old actress recalled, “He woke up this morning and went surfing and it’s the little things – it’s when he comes home, and the first thing he does is comes in my office and wraps his arms around me and says, ‘I love you, I missed you,’ even though he was only gone for two hours.” The newly-and-happily wed Doherty gushed, “It’s a relationship I’ve dreamed about my entire life, and it’s the closest thing that I’ve ever had to what my parents had, which was so unbelievably beautiful and special,” adding, “So, married life is phenomenal.”

Doherty does admit that her marriage is far-from-fairytale, and that real life does hit home for the couple sometimes, Of course, it also takes place in the real world, fights and all. “It’s not all roses and rainbows and butterflies,” Doherty says of her marriage and its depiction in the series. “It is a real, honest relationship.”

This isn’t Doherty’s first trip down the aisle. The Charmed actress has been married twice before: to Ashley Hamilton and Rick Salomon, and both were very brief. Despite bad luck in her marriages, she still holds strong faith in the institution itself: “I believe in marriage as a whole because my parents were married for 43 years, so I have the best example in the world of what marriage can be,” she said.

“Marriage to me is such a gigantic commitment that it’s not something I’d ever go into lightly anymore,” she added. “I’ve learned my lesson.”

Shannen Says sees its premiere on Tuesday, April 10, on WEtv. Best genuine and un-ironic wishes from IQ to Shannen Doherty in her new marriage. Third time’s a charm!