Sandra Bullock’s Son: Baby Boy Doesn’t Know Mom’s An Actress — ‘He Doesn’t Know This Is What I Do’

Sandra Bullock keeps work and home separate, as her own son — Louis Bardo Bullock — doesn’t know she’s a part of the very movies he knows and loves.

Some actors and actresses attempt to keep their personal lives and work apart. However, it’s more difficult than most realize. Yet, Sandra — a mom with a mission — has not quite made her baby boy aware of the life into which he’s walking.

While Bullock knows that her kid will one-day discover her “work,” she prefers to let him enjoy life as-is for the moment. In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Sandra’s personality comes out as she expresses her perspective on the topic.

When asked if Louis was more impressed with her awards or movies, Sandra responds as follows.

“Louie has no idea what an Oscar is. He has not seen it. He doesn’t know what it is. And Louie has no idea that I’m in this film [Minions].

“He doesn’t know what I do. I just go to work.”

Bullock was asked if she’s worried about him figuring out her occupation — to which she states the following.

“No. I don’t think he’ll put two and two together. At least, not anytime soon. He won’t put the two together. If he does, I’ll be totally shocked. The kid surprises me all the time.”

Bullock’s movie role in Minions comes as the voice of villain Scarlet Overkill. Sandra only took the part because the director and crew were willing to meet her more-than-halfway, as reports Belfast Telegraph.

“I wanted to stay home and drive him to school and they said ‘We’ll come to where you are.’ I was able to drop him to school, go to work and pick him up and now he gets to watch something I did and not know I’m in it.”

Bullock’s son loves to laugh, and she loves to listen to him — another reason she took the movie role. As the same source reports, she elaborates as follows.

“I wanted to make something my son could see and watch and enjoy… I can sit in the theatre and watch him. Nothing makes me happier than hearing that boy laugh — physical humor and animation — so hopefully I’ll be able to do that.”

With her perspective in mind, when do you think Sandra Bullock will let her baby boy know she “works” in movies? What are your thoughts? Feel free to share them in the comments below.

[Photo Credits: Anthony Harvey/Getty Images Entertainment]