Aussie Teen Clancy Ellis Disappears After Months Of Cyberbullying

Authorities in New South Wales are looking for Clancy Ellis. The 15-year-old teen vanished on Wednesday after she was last seen leaving her school and walking down an Alstonville street. 9 News reports that the teen appears to be voluntarily missing since she left behind a note telling her loved ones that she’d be gone for a while. However, there are disturbing elements surrounding this teen’s disappearance.

It’s been revealed that 15-year-old Clancy has been the victim of relentless bullying that has spanned over the course of many months. In particular, she’s been targeted by bullies on the popular site Her mother told the media that the family had been worried that something like this may happen due to the bullying. She said that the bullies who targeted her daughter threatened her and told her that they knew where she lived, among other mean and unnecessary comments.

The Perth Sunday Times reports that Clancy Ellis took specific belongings with her when she disappeared — some electronics, clothing, and a copy of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. In the note that she left behind, she said that she’d be gone for many months. She also reportedly indicated that she’d be heading north.

Police are investigating this case and are asking anyone with any information about Clancy’s disappearance to come forward. You can do so anonymously by contacting Crime Stoppers at (800) 333-0000. Any possible sightings or other details may prove useful in locating this missing teen.

This isn’t the first time has been at the center of a bullying controversy. In fact, the anonymous Q&A site has been the focus of numerous suicides associated with bullying across the world. The format of the site makes it easy for anybody to anonymously say whatever they want, which clearly takes users into territory where they feel that there are no consequences to what they say. Fortunately, recently purchased the site, and the CEO, Doug Leeds, has indicated that they will not tolerate bullying like the site’s past owners.

“We’re not going to run a bullying site… If we can’t fix we’ll shut it down.”

That’s at least good news for victims of bullying, like Clancy Ellis, who was reportedly targeted by mean internet bullies for months leading up to her odd disappearance. Unfortunately, nothing was done before she was bullied, and now she’s missing while her loved ones frantically search for her.

[Photo: Instagram photos/Clancy Ellis]