Father's Day Quotes: 23 Of The Funniest, Most Touching, Sweetest, And Most Appropriate Father's Day Quotes For 2015

Father's Day quotes: There are hundreds to choose from, but finding the right one to fit your particular circumstances with your one-of-a-kind father is no easy feat.

With mass-produced Father's Day cards falling out of favor in recent years, people are looking to find the perfect Father's Day quotes to create, or at the very least personalize, their own Father's Day cards.

We've searched through thousands of popular Twitter posts to find the best Father's Day quotes for any situation, from funny quotes to quotes from celebrities, touching quotes and lighthearted ones, and Father's Day quotes specifically from a son or a daughter.

Enjoy our handpicked selection of the best and most popular Father's Day quotes, and comment below with the Father's Day quote that best sums up your relationship with your father.

Funny Father's Day Quotes

Celebrity Father's Day Quotes

Touching Father's Day Quotes

Lighthearted Father's Day Quotes

Father's Day Quotes Just from Daughters

Father's Day Quotes Just from Sons

Father's Day Quotes for Blended or Alternative Families

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