Bill Maher: McKinney Texas Pool Party Cop Was A ‘High School Loser’

Bill Maher, on Friday’s Real Time with Bill Maher, took down the police officer who assaulted black teenagers at a Texas pool party incident last week, going so far as to call the cop, Eric Casebolt, a former “high school loser.” Casebolt has since resigned from the police force after a viral video outed him slamming a black teenage girl into the ground and unnecessarily pointing his gun at the teenagers who rushed to protect her, Inquisitr reported.

Maher addressed the Texas pool party as another symptom of America’s struggle with police brutality.

“I’m sure the policeman all across the country, especially the many good ones, are sick and tired of every week there being another video we’re watching. And yet, every week some cop does some crazy sh*t. And the victims seem to be getting all the more innocent. 12 year old kids. Guy running away getting shot in the back. 14 year old girl at a pool party.”

Maher highlighted the inappropriate behavior of police on his talk show by zeroing in on Casebolt’s behavior.

“I’m sure we all know this is the high school loser who wants to re-litigate his sh*tty adolescence by being a cop. Because now he’s got some power he can lord over people. It’s not that hard to weed out that personality type. Is it, if they wanted to?”

Maher then questioned why 12 cops were sent to penalize the teenagers at the Texas pool party. Maher found it ridiculous that a dozen police were needed “to do the job of saying, ‘Hey kids, turn down the music.'”

Alexis Goldstein, Communication Director of the Other 98%, responded to Maher’s by pointing to research from the American Psychological Association that shows cops find black kids older and more threatening than their white peers.

Ron Christie, the former Special Assistant to President George W. Bush, suggested that that young people should be taught to only say a few things when encountering the police: “Yes, sir,” “no, sir.” and “thank you, sir.”

Goldstein retorted that such behavior wouldn’t necessarily mean less police brutality. Maher was more annoyed with Christie’s advice to youngsters.

“This whole thing where you only say a few words to cops; no, I don’t want to live in a society where I have to be that way to a policeman — he’s working for me, I’m the taxpayer.”

Christie would defend his earlier comments, and made it clear that he viewed the Texas pool party incident “disgusting” and “reprehensible.”

With his usual critique of the Republican party, Maher decided to pin the blame on conservatives.

“When are conservatives going to realize that so many of the problems they abhor are caused by the policies they support. Why aren’t there more black kids with role models at home and dads? Because you put them all in jail.”

Goldstein wasn’t so quick to place all the responsibility in the hands of conservatives, noting there are liberal supporters behind mass incarceration as well. She brought up the fact that communities of color are over-policed, which leads to more people of color being incarcerated as drug offenders even when white people might use illegal substances just as much.

Watch Maher call out Casebolt and discuss with panelists below.

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