Navy F/A-18 Hornet Jet Crashes Into Virginia Beach Apartment

A Navy F/A-18 Jet crashed into an apartment building in Virginia Beach, Virginia, earlier this afternoon. Two people, including one of the pilots, were injured in the crash.

CNN reports that two people were taken to hospital to be treated for injuries. According to CBS, neither person was suffering from life threatening injuries.

The jet crashed shortly after takeoff from a nearby military base. Both pilots ejected shortly before the plane crashed into an apartment complex. At least two buildings were damaged in the accident.

The Navy said that the plane was from a nearby training squadron.

Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell said:

“We are taking all possible steps at the state level to provide immediate resources and assistance to those impacted by the crash… Our fervent prayer is that no one was injured or killed in this accident.”

According to CNN, the building that was damaged in the crash was home to several senior citizens. Zack Zapatero, who witnessed the crash, said:

“There’s these large fire balls coming up… I was told there was a bunch of senior citizens that live in that building, which worries me a lot.”

Here’s a video of the aftermath of the crash.