Brandi Glanville Says She Has No Talent: 'RHOBH' Star Admits To Causing Drama For Attention [Video]

Jennifer Murray

Brandi Glanville has apparently taken to self-reflection. In an interview with William Shatner on the latest episode of Brown Bag Wine Tasting, the reality TV star talks why she is a source of so much controversy.

Glanville sat down with Shatner to talk about her new wine, Unfiltered Blonde, but the chat soon turned to why Brandi causes so much drama. The reality star says her drama-stirring ways stem from childhood.

"I am the middle child and there was always, like, a fight 'cause I wasn't the first and I wasn't the baby. So I was a little mischievous from the get-go because I wanted the attention from my parents, you know. So I would do things that caused a little, you know, drama and it just stuck with me."
"Well, I mean, the thing is... I don't have a talent to back it up, like yourself. I'm not an actor. I'm not a singer. So it's really for attention, I guess."
"Sometimes they catch you in a real moment and sometimes I feel like we all act out because, you know, like, when there's a camera on, we're like children. When you put a camera on them, everything's heightened and you act like a little crazy. You know, if you put a camera on my eight-year-old, he goes crazy for a second. I feel like, you know, we're a bunch of middle-aged women doing the same things and sometimes it is a real reaction that you get and sometimes it's you're doing it because there's a camera there and that's just kind of..."

Brandi Glanville also dishes to William Shatner about her recent breakup and the reasons why she divorced her ex-husband, Eddie Cibrian. Watch more of the Brown Bag Wine Tasting episode below.

[Image by Michael Buckner/Getty Images]