Traffic Going to Best Buy, Radio Shack

With shut down (at least for now), it appears Best Buy and Radio Shack are gaining a big boost to their online traffic — and it looks like it’s coming directly from their old competitor.

Metrics firm Hitwise looked to see where surfers searching for Circuit City-related terms were ending up now. Not surprisingly, the number of them actually going to has sharply dropped. The number going to and, though, has jumped quite a bit.

Circuit City Traffic

Best Buy took in 20 percent of downstream traffic from last week, Hitwise says.,, and also snagged respectable shares. Other sites seeing traffic from Circuit City-related search queries include CNET, Chase Banking, Yahoo, Closeouts EZ, The Consumerist, and PC World.

The free ride may not last forever, though: As we reported last month, another organization could end up buying the domain and identity, even using the site to sell electronics under the Circuit City brand.