How To Make Sure The Steam Summer Sale Works For You

It's that time of year all gamers look forward to -- the Steam Monster Summer Sale, which will run from June 11 through June 21, 2015. This year is no exception when it comes to great bargains to be had on games available via Steam. While there are plenty of games slashed by 75 percent, it might be time to step back from the mouse before clicking you way through what could, potentially, be a bucket-load of cash. Here's some tips to make sure you get Steam gaming bargains and not heartache.

According to Forbes, beware of buying games just because they are cheap, otherwise you might just end up with a Steam account filled with games you will never play.

"Just $4.99, you find yourself thinking — 20 or so times. And then you've got a library full of games you want to play but never will, a constant reminder of a string of bad decisions."

Another great suggestion Forbes makes is to hold off on buying your much-anticipated Steam sale purchases. After all, the reduced price will be, at the very least, maintained right until the end of the sale. Setting up a Steam game wishlist with an email alert (you can use Google alerts for this) will let you know as soon as your preferred Steam games are on a flash sale or daily deal. Flash sales and daily deals occur throughout the entire Steam Monster Summer Sale and reduce already heavily discounted Steam games further still. While not all games will have flash sales, it is certainly worth the wait to see if your favorite Steam games end up in a sale. And if your preferred Steam games don't end up reduced further still, that's okay, just purchase them on the last day of the Steam Monster Summer Sale.

Also, check out Reddit for daily Steam sale deals. There is a Games Deal subreddit that will help you pick your way through all the daily deals popping up in the Steam Monster Summer Sale.

You should also get proactive during the Steam Monster Summer Sale. If you have the time, why not help create your own Steam daily deals and flash deals? All the Steam deals this year are being created by Steam community participants who are playing the Monster Game. The cool thing about Steam's Monster Game is that for every Steam member who is playing it and upgrading their badges, the chance of a new flash sale is increased! How cool is that? But beware -- as Kokatu has pointed out, with over 1.6 million players using Steam's Monster Game at any given time, there have been reports of the game going under with the unprecedented demand for gamers to get even better deals during the Steam Monster Summer Sale. Once again, you can head to Reddit for all the details about when Steam's Monster Game is working or not.

What games are you planning on purchasing during the Steam Monster Summer Sale? What games have you purchased already? Let us know by commenting below!

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