The Rock Letting A 2-Year-Old Pretend She’s Pulling A Plane Is The Only Thing You Need In Your Life Right Now

If there was ever any part of you that thought you were a better person than Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson then a video of the muscle-bound actor allowing a 2-year-old girl to pretend she is pulling an airplane will quickly remind you how wrong you are.

The Rock is currently busy filming Central Intelligence, and he proved that he has time for fans of all ages when they visit his set. After being introduced to Kai, Johnson made sure to spend some time with her.

And when she declared that she wanted to “pull the airplane” all by herself, well The Rock duly obliged by making her think that she was obscenely strong.

You can check out footage of the mesmerising clip in all of its glory below. And you probably should because it’s the best thing that you’ll do all day.

With Kai leading the way and holding on tightly to the rope, The Rock followed behind and did most of the heavy lifting while at the same time lavishing praise on the cute as a button gal.

The Rock shouted out, “You’re so strong… You’re so strong, because you’re pulling an airplane.” As you can probably imagine the good people of the internet soon started to lap up this footage in their droves, and the post has since been retweeted 475 times and favorites over 1,500 times on Twitter. Meanwhile on Instagram it has been liked over 585,000 times.

The Rock is currently on a bit of a career high. Not only has San Andreas already made over $300 million at the worldwide box office, but he is currently filming the action comedy Central Intelligence, which he will lead while starring alongside Kevin Hart, Ed Helms and Amy Ryan.

Meanwhile his HBO show Ballers is due to premiere at the end of the month, and a couple of months ago he secured the role of the villain Black Adam in his very first superhero movie, Shazam.

Plus, earlier this week it was confirmed that he had just signed on to star in a remake of the cult classic film Big Trouble In Little China, and he is currently trying to get the original director John Carpenter involved in some capacity too.

Still, despite all this excitement, for me, the image of The Rock helping a 2-year-old pull an airplane is still his most glorious moment of 2015.

[Image via Buzz Feed]