The Rock Wants John Carpenter On Board ‘In Some Capacity’ For ‘Big Trouble In Little China’ Remake

It was announced last week that Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson would be starring in a remake of the cult classic film Big Trouble in Little China. Naturally, as it happens when any cult-status movie is being remade, Big Trouble fans went haywire. Well, in case you missed it, the Rock heard your angered cries of blasphemy, and spoke to Entertainment Weekly in an online interview to set your minds at ease. He wants to ensure fans that he’s going to do everything possible to get original director John Carpenter in on the remake action.

“I loved reading the reactions from the fans, that they were so polarized – I’m the same way. My response is: know that I come to the project with nothing but love and respect for the original, which is why we want to bring on John Carpenter.”

“Polarized” is the perfect word to describe how the internet reacted the news that the Rock wanted to remake horror master John Carpenter’s Big Trouble.

There were those who were excited.

Those who were “meh” about it.

And then there were the majority, who were steam-pouring-from-the-nostrils enraged about the Rock’s news.

Though, as of this moment, John Carpenter is still not involved in the Rock’s remake, he says he’s cool with it, as he wasn’t the one who wrote the original script in the first place, and he explains that 20th Century Fox owns the rights, not him. “I’m doing fine. I didn’t write the original one — no harm, no foul,” he wrote in response to a fan’s questions on Facebook.

The Rock — who will star in the remake as Jack Burton, the part originally played by Kurt Russell — says that he understands where John Carpenter’s fans are coming from, because he’s a fan of the original as well. He wants to do the cult classic justice, not butcher it as has been done many times before when Hollywood decides to remake already-classic films.

“I loved the original when I was younger and I loved the main character – all the characters. It felt like if we surrounded ourselves with the right group of people, the right writers who loved the movie too and wanted to honor it, bring on John Carpenter in some capacity … If we did that, then we have a shot at hopefully making something good.”

The Rock also promises that if the script just isn’t up to snuff, he has absolutely no problem walking away from the entire project.

“Let’s see what feels good, what we can come up with and then go from there, and as we write it, if the whole thing starts to stink up, then we thank everybody for their efforts and accept this just couldn’t make it.”

How do you feel about Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson remake John Carpenter’s classic Big Trouble in Little China?

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