Crystal Pepsi To Come Back: How Pepsi Can Keep The Clear Beverage Around This Time

As I said before, I sensed that if Crystal Pepsi was indeed set to make a return, it was more than likely going to be a temporary one. I thought that if Pepsi did try to appease fans, it might bring Crystal Pepsi back as a “limited time offer”.

That move would be a win-win for Pepsi in two ways: Pepsi can please thousands of fans who requested the return of the ’90s fad drink, and they can make extra money. Of course, that assumes that Crystal Pepsi isn’t a big hit during its possible comeback.

But what if Crystal Pepsi takes off? What if the beverage shows great initial popularity, suggesting it might be a mistake to get rid of it a second time? Well, there are perhaps a couple of ways that Pepsi can keep the clear crystal beverage around.

The first way to help Crystal Pepsi would be to invest in multiple versions. There should be at least one version that has no high fructose corn syrup. Stevia might be the best bet; it’s actually sweeter than sugar without the calories. Pepsi and its rivals have tried working with the sugar substitute in recent years. For instance, the drink Pepsi True is sweetened with a combination of stevia and sugar.

The only problem is the aftertaste. If Pepsi can sweeten Crystal Pepsi with stevia and eliminate that bad after taste, it may help consumers feel less wary of drinking soda.

Pepsi could offer Crystal Pepsi through its fast food partners. That way there’s a greater exposure to the drink and chance for the public to get a hold of it that doesn’t involve having to go physically into stores to buy it. Taco Bell might be the best bet, as a Crystal Pepsi drink would probably taste awesome with a Doritos Locos taco.

Lastly, Pepsi could do what allowed Crystal Pepsi to make a comeback in the first place: Trust the Internet’s word-of-mouth advertising. In other words, use its vast social media presence to promote the new drink. Encourage YouTube reviewers and fans to talk about the beverage. The videos, selfies, etc. could be shared through Pepsi’s website, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Hash-tagging is a must at this point.

I remain skeptical of the long-term nature of the return of Crystal Pepsi. I would love to try it again, and see if it’s the same beverage I enjoyed as a kid. Even if it’s a small window of time, the ability to do so will no doubt give me a hefty dose of nostalgia.

Are you looking forward to the return of Crystal Pepsi? What can Pepsi do to keep the clear beverage around this time? Share your thoughts below!

[Image Credit: wtcvidman’s channel]