How International Students Distinguish Americans: They’re Fat, Loud, Stingy And Like To Get Wasted [Video]

Despite being called “ugly Americans” in some parts of the world, the traveling American is generally treated pretty well by their international brothers and sisters. At least when the American and the international non-American are smiling face to face.

But in a new YouTube video titled “How Do You Distinguish Americans?” posted by YouTuber SW Yoon, the truth comes out, with interviews of international students revealing how they really distinguish Americans from the rest of the world’s inhabitants. The frank interviews, while often hilarious, aren’t particularly flattering to the American subjects.

The Daily Mail reports that the “How Do You Distinguish Americans?” interviews were conducted at Japan’s Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University. The international students representing countries from all over the world seemed to very much enjoy reflecting on how they distinguish Americans.

So in review, the key areas that allow the international students to distinguish Americans from other earthlings is their clothes, their body type, and their fashion. Additionally, according to the students interviewed, Americans are also loud and confident, but are still kind sometimes.

One of the more surprising ways one group of the international students distinguished Americans was that they usually smoke. While smoking definitely has its place in Americana, the potentially deadly habit has mostly declined among Americans in recent years. At the same time, many Americans have simply replaced smoking cigarettes with “vaping,” which may also be the case at the international university in Japan.

Or a bunch of the American students do still smoke.

Americans usually smoke according to these students.
Americans usually smoke according to these students.

The two international female German students were perhaps the most straightforward about Americans being fat and having eating habits that distinguish them from other international students.

“White” and “fat” spring off the lips of the shorter German girl quicker than an American can gobble a fry. The taller German female student picks it up from there, saying Americans “usually have a bit more weight on their hips.”


The German girls are given a rest while other international students seem to agree, with others describing Americans as being plump, overweight, bigger, — “their bodies have big builds.”

Americans eat McDonald's
These female students from Germany can distinguish Americans by their constant eating, often of McDonald’s.

Then the female German students return to continue outlining how best to distinguish Americans.

“They eat a lot of hamburgers, so if you see like a person with McDonald’s, he’s probably American,” says the shorter German girl as her taller friend pretends to stuff her face, American style. The two concluded by saying that Americans “go to McDonald’s very often,” even though “they’re in Japan.”

In the end, the ways to distinguish Americans from the other international students aren’t all negative. Being confident, funny, and even kind show up in the “How Do You Distinguish Americans?” video.

Americans don't use umbrellas
Americans don’t mind getting rained on according to these students.

But Americans might consider skipping McDonald’s the next time they go international.

[Images and video via SW Yoon, YouTube]