‘Player Gets Played’: Oxygen’s New TV Show Exposes Cheaters, Sex Machines Who Are Dating Up To Three Women At A Time In Tonight’s Premiere

Player Gets Played, a new TV reality series, takes a hard look at cheating boyfriends in the premiere tonight on the Oxygen channel. Player Gets Played is centered around women who are being cheated on by their unfaithful men. Here’s the twist: not only are the men busted for cheating, but their girlfriends get together to plot their perfect revenge on the player on national television. It’s like the TV shows Punk’d and Cheaters all rolled into one. Oxygen teases,

Player Gets Played takes a look at women who unite on a journey to reclaim their hearts and power. From heartbreak to major soul searching, each episode will share relatable journeys that connect women to each other, which is a key ingredient to an Oxygen show and resonates profoundly with our viewers.”

These cheating scoundrels can’t help themselves, but the ladies of Player Gets Played are sick and tired of their lies and are ready to expose them. Some of the women have a hard time shaking these guys, despite their suspicions, because they love them — and, well, the sex is too good, according to one of the ladies.


Despite the entertainment factor surrounding Player Gets Played, when you think about it—these women are put through a grueling and heartbreaking situation as they learn the truth about their so-called “soul mates.” But here is something else to consider: It’s bad enough to find out that your significant other is cheating, but being able to meet the other women, and then swap stories about everything from how they met to how they perform in bed, seems particularly cruel. But hey, it’s reality television, and the women do have the chance to show off their business skills as professional and successful women.

Whatever your opinion, Player Gets Played should make for a highly dramatic and exciting new show.

Movie lovers will recognize the concept for Oxygen’s Player Gets Played, which is similar to the 1997 comedy film How To Be A Player starring Bill Bellamy. In that movie, the character named “Dray” was a notorious playboy who juggled several girlfriends at the same time. But his life as a player began to unravel once his sister and her friend come up with a plan to have all of his girlfriends show up at a house party on the same night.

Have you examined your own relationship? Could you be dating a player? Take the “Are You Dating a Player” game at Oxygen’s website after tuning in to the show. Player Gets Played premieres tonight at 9:30 ET/PT.

Official trailer for Oxygen’s Player Gets Played

Trailer for Def Jam’s How To Be A Player


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