Austrian Brothel Offering Free Sex And Drinks In Tax Protest

A brothel in Salzburg, Austria, has been so badly hit by taxes they are now offering free sex and drinks to patrons in protest against the taxman.

Saying that officials have allowed him “no room for maneuver,” owner of the Pascha brothel, Hermann “Pascha” Müller, told the Austrian language Kronen Zeitung newspaper that he has been forced to offer his “summer special” of free sex and drinks.

According to Müller, tax officials check on the business at Pascha every two weeks and he rejects allegations that have been made that he is involved in tax evasion and human trafficking.

Now, Müller says he has to turn away hundreds of disappointed clients, as his business has been full house since his summer special of free sex and drinks started. In fact, apparently, the news spread around Salzburg “like wildfire,” with customers lining up to get inside the brothel.

According to the Local, Müller is known in the area as Salzburg’s “red light district king,” but he wants to drop his other persona as “the tax office’s pimp.”

Apparently, the publicity Sascha has received from the special of free sex and drinks has been great for business, and Müller plans to keep it up for four to eight weeks. According to Müller, while the drinks are on the house, he himself is paying the prostitutes’ hourly rate out of his own pocket.

He explained to the newspaper that in the last decade, he has paid taxes of close to five million euros ($5,665,971), but he says the tax office just wants more and more from him while in the meantime “they are not cracking down on illegal street and apartment prostitution.”

It seems Müller has more than one business, so any financial loss from his summer special will be made up by profits from the other establishments. However, his plan is that Pascha won’t owe any tax for the whole period covered by his special offer of free sex and drinks, which sort of goes to royally screw the taxman.

Speaking of prostitutes, the Inquisitr recently reported the story of an elderly gent who was kicked out of his nursing home after they found a prostitute under his bed. However, in that case, there was no free sex and drinks, as he had been running a liquor scam to fund his naughty habit.

[Image: CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 vittorio sciosia]