Wildfires ravage Oklahoma

Hurricane force winds have driven wildfires across Oklahoma, destroying hundreds of homes.

Wind gusts of up to 76 mph (122 km/h) saw fires start across the state at such a rapid pace that authorities simply didn’t know how many fires had started. Support aircraft were grounded due to the wind conditions.

In Oklahoma City (including Midwest City), over 100 homes have been lost and thousands have been evacuated. A dozen homes were destroyed in the City of Lindsay, and more lost in the surrounding areas. There are also reports of structure losses in Stillwater, Choctaw and Lincoln County. There are no reports of deaths, but a number of injuries, including a fire fighter with burns to 35% of his body.

The same wind conditions have driven fires in Texas, although not on the same scale. Fires are reported on the outskirts of Fort Worth and at a number of other locations.