Toya Bush-Harris On Background Check: ‘We Were Just On A TV Show, Lighten Up’

Toya Bush-Harris is back on Married To Medicine and she has come back with a vengeance.

Last season, Toya and Simone Whitmore had an argument behind the scenes of the reunion, which has resulted in them not speaking to one another anymore. And while some people are upset with this development, Bush-Harris is focusing on her own family, home and future.

In the season premiere, Toya Bush-Harris was planning a big Halloween bash but her husband was concerned over her spending. Bush-Harris had never been on a budget before, but the home was costing them quite the pretty penny to rent. And Dr. Eugene was concerned at how much she was spending.

According to a new Bravo report, Toya Bush-Harris is now revealing that she doesn’t care too much about the budget and the restrictions her husband has put on her. In fact, it sounds like she just wants to live life – whatever it may cost.

“Your girl has come back…with a new attitude: loving life, loving on my husband and kids, too blessed to be stressed, a new zip code with more square footage than a sister can decorate! However, Dr. Eugene is talking budget…What is that, a car rental place? LOL, but seriously, I am trying to keep the stress down at home and thank God for all my blessings,” Toya Bush-Harris reveals about her husband imposing a budget on her spending.

Apparently, her husband is making a pretty penny on his patients. For his NomadMD, his medical concierge business, Dr. Harris is charging $15,000 per year for an annual membership, which means he is on call for that patient. It seems like quite the money machine. But Toya Bush-Harris may be more concerned with the drama her party than her husband’s income.

“Background checks?! Is someone running for public office? Last time I checked we were just on a TV show, people. Lighten up! Yet, I will not allow someone’s ugliness to steal my joy, because on a whole, I was very happy to see my friends (some…catch the shade) and turn up, which we did,” Toya Bush-Harris reveals about the drama that went on at her party.

According to the Inquisitr, other drama went down as well as Simone Whitmore got physical. It is no secret that Simone and Toya are not on the best of terms and physical violence is something these ladies do not condone.

What do you think of Toya Bush-Harris’ comments?

[Image via Bravo]