Madonna’s Australian Fans Angry About Missing Tour Announcement

Last week, Madonna fans in Australia, who have waited 23 years to see the singer live, were excited. MadonnaTribe, often considered the Bible when it comes to Madge fans, said the announcement was supposed to be on Tuesday.

“An update by the Australian division of Live Nation Entertainment, which has a page dedicated to the Rebel Heart Tour up since March is still missing, but now the local press is reporting that an announcement can finally take place next week.”

So far, there has been no announcement, and the lack of movement by Live Nation to make the official announcement has angered some of Madonna’s fans, who have become impatient.

Madonna last toured Australia with The Girlie Show Tour in 1993. One of the Sydney shows was broadcast live on HBO in November of that year. Variety gave the show a positive review.

“After a slow start, the show, which included nine costume changes, never once let up. Madonna showed energy and amazing stamina throughout. With all the dancing and performing, the music — although just one part of this extravaganza — never suffered. Vocalists/dancers Donna DeLory and Nicki Harris deserve some of this credit, as does audio director Keith Cohen.”

Unfortunately, the Los Angeles times thought that Madonna’s show (at least the television version of it) was sort of reductive.

“All those cameras, two solid hours, and you still don’t feel you’ve seen the show. Rock concerts have rarely succeeded as television events, and with its large scale, big cast and constant motion, this one was an especially tough challenge.”

Since 1993, Madonna has gone on to become the biggest touring solo act in music history. According to MTV, Madonna’s Sticky and Sweet Tour grossed $408 million dollars in 2008 and 2009. According to Billboard, her 2012 MDNA Tour grossed $305 million.

Even though it’s doubtful that Madonna’s upcoming Rebel Heart Tour will do the same kind of numbers, ticket sales have still been good, even several months before the tour begins. Due to high demand, despite the sky-high ticket prices, Madonna had to add shows in Toronto, Edmonton, Miami, New York City, San Juan, Montreal, Prague, Berlin, and many other cities. Despite claims to the contrary, Madonna is still the Queen of Pop — at least when it comes to touring.

Two weeks ago, Madonna postponed her first five shows until January, claiming she needed more time. That led to the usual false speculation that it was due to poor ticket sales, even as the cities she postponed had added shows due to high demand. Are you going to see Madonna’s Rebel Heart Tour? Let us know in the comments section.

[Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris / Getty Images]