India Carries Out Its First Retaliatory Cross-Border Anti-Militant Commando Operation With Myanmar

Alap Naik Desai

The India military has, for the first time, carried out a cross-border anti-militant commando operation in Myanmar. The operation was a retaliatory response to the brutal massacre of Indian soldiers by the militants a week earlier.

The Indian Army confirmed it had successfully carried out joint operations with Myanmar against the militants who executed the deadly attack on a convoy of 6 Dogra Regiment in Manipur last week. The attack, executed with military precision but with barbaric intent, had left 18 Indian soldiers charred to death, besides injuring 15 civilians. Despite the disadvantage, Indian soldiers continued to fire in response, killing at least two militants.

Interestingly, India isn't the one to venture out of its borders to launch an offensive and has always been the one who claims that they only retaliate. To date, the country claims it hasn't attacked (without provocation) any foreign country, despite being surrounded by its politically unstable neighbor, Pakistan, alongside its western border as well as a China on its east, who has, on many occasions, attempted to trespass into Indian territory.

The Indian Army's additional director general of military operations, Major General Ranbir Singh, clarified that Army intelligence strongly suggested that the militants were preparing for even more aggressive attacks in the Indian territory. Hence, the Indian Army was forced to launch a commando operation to nullify the threat.

"Based on these intelligence reports we conducted operations... we conducted operations in the morning and significant casualties (of militants) have been reported. Today morning, two separate groups were engaged near the India-Myanmar border and along the Nagaland-Manipur border... Any threat to our safety and security will meet a firm response."

[Image Credit: Parth Sanyal / Reuters via Rediff]