Golden UFO With Orb Spotted In 1970 NASA Photo — UFO Was Made By Artistic Alien Species, Blogger Says

The prolific YouTube UFO hunter Streetcap1 reports he has detected a golden UFO in a 1970 NASA image.

The object, Streetcap1 notes, appears in only one photo from a series of photographs of the same region of space.

This suggests that the object was captured while in motion.

UFO Sightings Hotspot argues that the object was almost certainly an alien UFO – of extraterrestrial origin – because the image comes from a 1970 NASA space photo when only a few man-made satellites were stationed in space — and there certainly weren’t any golden man-made satellites in space at the time.

Golden UFO
'Golden UFO' Appears On The Left Corner Of the Photo

For a better view of the structure of the craft, Streetcap1 reports he turned the object 90 and 180 degrees on several frames.

'Golden UFO' Appears In 1970 NASA Photo

“I have turned the object 90 degrees on several frames to get a better idea of its construction. The first two frames have a 180 degree turn. This only appears on one photo to my knowledge.”

UFO Sighting Daily’s Scot Waring suggests that a golden UFO could only have been designed and built by an artistic alien species. Why else would any technologically advanced civilization construct a spacecraft out of solid gold or bronze (as Waring believes)?

“It’s a gold/bronze metal and it’s a design that remarkably artistic.”

Golden UFO
Close-Up: Golden UFO Mothership

Waring also claims that close-up details reveal tiny orbs circling the golden UFO.

“From past UFO reports, back to the 1965 area of time, I have read about tiny orbs that circle some UFOs. Their purpose is unknown to me. Finally we get a nice photo from NASA themselves of such a UFO, but usually there are several orbs.”

Golden UFO Mothership With Small Orb

Given the peculiarity of the idea of constructing entire spacecraft from precious metal, UFO enthusiasts may want to link previous sightings of apparently golden UFOs to the alien species that built the golden UFO the old NASA photo allegedly shows.

KXTV News 10 reported in August, 2014, the case of a woman, Sunda Barker, who reported sighting a golden UFO in Sacramento, California. She sighted the golden object on two occasions in two separate days. Barker said she was walking home in the afternoon on August 9 when she sighted the radiant and golden object hovering in the sky.

She snapped photos as evidence to back her report (see photo below).

Golden UFO
Golden UFO Photographed By Sunda Barker

“It was beautiful. It was radiant. It was just unexplainable.”

But Monica Woods, a KXTV News 10 meteorologist, said what Barker saw was likely a sun dog — a natural atmospheric phenomenon she described as “a halo created when lights interact with ice crystals in the atmosphere.”

In January, 2014, Waring reported sighting a golden orb hovering in space near the International Space Station (ISS).

“Was watching the live ISS cam and saw this gold orb materialize out of nowhere and then it began to take a solid appearance. As the solar panel moved from behind it… NASA went to blue screen… apparently they noticed the orb.”

Thus, going by the claims of UFO hunters such as Waring, we could assume that one of the alien species or races monitoring Earth since, at least, 1970 have cultivated exquisite artistic tastes which they use their technological inventions to express.

Some may find comforting the idea that one of the aliens species observing us has a highly artistic culture because they might feel it is unlikely that a species displaying such exquisite artistic sensibilities could be a warlike race that could threaten the human race.

[Images: NASA; UFO Sightings Daily / Scot Waring; Sunda Barker via KXTV News 10]