‘Preach’ Lifetime TV Reality Show About Female Pastors-Prophetesses Gets Change.org Petition Seeking To Shut It Down [Video]

There’s a new Lifetime TV show called Preach that’s already incurring the wrath of Christians that don’t like Preach.

Prophetess Belinda Scott out of the New Spirit Revival Center in Cleveland, Ohio, is one of the women featured on Preach. She claims she saw the event of Hurricane Katrina before they happened.

The Season 1, Episode 1 of Preach called Deliverance is quite popular already on the Lifetime website, with more than 3,200 Facebook likes thus far.

Powerful Christian Prophetesses test their proteges at a wild church service. Do the protege have what it takes?

The hype over Preach has caused the Change.org petition called CANCEL the Reality Show Preach has gained 13,688 signatures out of the 15,000 signatures needed thus far, with calls to cancel the reality show.

Begun by Tachina Carter out of San Francisco, California, the Change.org petition explains the rationale behind wanting to cancel Preach.

The IMAGERY on this show is a TRAVESTY to the Christian Community. The women aka Prophetesses are making a MOCKERY of the church and promoting foolish behavior that is not necessarily a true representation of the REAL power of God. Cameras do NOT belong in the church filming the “spiritual” things that society as a whole does not understand. By airing this show it will cause more harm than good to the Christian community who already has a difficult time in sharing “The Good News” of Jesus Christ to the masses.

The theatrics of the Preach show, which some Change.org commenters feel trivializes Christianity, are at the heart of the petition.

This show depicts the operation of the Spirit of God in a tone that is extremely offensive and buffoonish. The depiction of the women on the show are misrepresenting the church as a whole in a fashion that can best be described as cartoon caricatures. Where do Christians draw the line? By allowing this repugnant, boorish, abhorrent, and cantankerous pastiche of a program that Lifetime is calling a show is not only a gross injustice to the Christian Community but the American public as a whole. Please show the Lifetime TV Network that the Christian Community is ENORMOUS and IF they fail to acquiesce to our request to CANCEL THIS SHOW we will band together and BOYCOTT THE NETWORK!!!

As reported by the Inquisitr, the reality TV show called Sorority Sisters from VH1 was successfully cancelled after viewer backlash and petitions. Therefore, the Change.org petitions against Preach could prove positive change as well.

[Image via Preach on Lifetime TV]