Today’s Dose Of Cute Is Just Purr-fect Thanks To A Special Cat Library

Today’s dose of cute is bough to you by a very special library in Las Cruces, New Mexico – a cat library. The cat library allows users to borrow cats rather than books. The cute feline kittens can be taken to your place of business to try out. If you fall in love with the little dose of cute, that’s okay, you can give the kitten a forever home by adopting them.

The Doña Ana County Government Center is exactly where today’s dose of cuteness heralds from. According to Las Cruces News, the center developed its Kitty Kondo Project – or cat library – back in 2012 to try and get people to adopt stray kittens. But it wasn’t until an image went viral on Reddit back in May 2015 that today’s daily dose of cute really took off. An intern, Tiffany Tillison, posted a cute picture of her and a kitten with the following caption:

Today's Dose of Cute is bought to you by a cat library

“My work has a ‘cat library.’ You can ‘check out’ a cat to take back to your desk for an hour. The kitties are the newest additions to the library!”

While you can try out a cute kitten before you buy it, many of the office workers within the Doña Ana County Government Center use the daily dose of kitten love as stress relief. While it has come to light that having a cat may increase your risk of mental illness, patting animals has long been known to help relieve tension. And that is exactly why these office workers are cuddling kittens.

Our #KittyKondo has 5 new kittens up for adoption. Come see them during regular business hours. A $50 fee covers the cost of neutering and microchipping.

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The Kitty Kondo Project works in conjunction with the Animal Service Center of the Mesila Valley to bring in the cute little balls of fluff for people to try out in the cat library. Becky Garcia, along with animal foster mom, Martha Lopez are the cat librarians tasked with doling out today’s dose of cute to people wanting to adopt new fur-babies. Lopez agrees the little bundles of cute are therapy for the workers who take them back to their desk for cuddle time. She also admits to using the cute kittens as therapy for her 92-year old mother. Dr. Beth Vesco-Mock, who heads the Animal Service Center of the Mesila Valley added that the cat library went both ways. While as many as 100 kittens have been adopted through this program, allowing people to handle the animals can help socialize them, therefore increasing their likelihood of being adopted.

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[Image credit: Doña Ana Instagram account]