Chris Pratt As Indiana Jones? Actor's Friend Insists He's Replacing Harrison Ford

Chris Pratt will be the new Indiana Jones according to the actor's close friend Allison Janney, who co-stars with Pratt's wife in the sitcom Mom.

The Daily Star has alleged that Janney confirmed the news while at an undisclosed LA event. The 55-year-old actress reportedly stated that 35-year-old Pratt will replace Harrison Ford as the iconic hero.

Chris Pratt has been linked to the role for the last few months. However, Paramount Pictures and Steven Spielberg haven't commented on the rumors yet. It's believed that the Jurassic World and Guardians Of The Galaxy actor would pocket around $20 million if he did sign on for the blockbuster.

Chris Pratt actually addressed the constant rumors that have linked him with Jurassic World during a discussion with Comic Book Resources. After being asked whether there was any truth in this speculation Pratt insisted, "It's the rumor mill. I've heard about it for the first time the same way everyone else did. I was one of the last people to know, in fact, because I was out of service for four days."

Pratt continued, "My reps got a hold of me and were like, 'Jesus, Chris, pick up your phone.' It's a very exciting and very thrilling prospect, but, truly, up to this point nobody has contacted me or called me up and made me the offer."

However, Pratt confirmed that if he was actually offered the titular role in Indiana Jones 5 he would definitely be interested, but he would need to know that the instalment was a worthy addition to the franchise.

"I would probably approach this like I did with Jurassic, which is it's really exciting, but I care so much about the original source material, I'd have to know it was perfect," he stated.

Chris Pratt has turned into one of the most in demand leading men in Hollywood, thanks to his charismatic turn in Guardians Of The Galaxy. Pratt managed to maintain his affable and goofy persona that had served him so well during his time on Parks & Recreation, but he also changed his physical appearance as he became a svelte and muscle-bound stud for the role.

After this performance, he was cast in Jurassic World, which is due out on Friday, as the lead dino-tussler, and it looks as though his stock is only going to rise even further. In fact, it's widely agreed that he is the perfect choice to follow Harrison Ford as the world's most famous archaeologist.

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