Aurora, the future of browsing?

Adaptive Path, in collaboration with Mozilla labs has release the above video of a concept browser of the future, Aurora.

With Aurora, Adaptive Path attempts to define a plausible vision of how technology, the browser, and the web might evolve in the future by depicting that experience in a variety of real-world contexts.

The video itself covers interaction with data and a user interface different to today’s norms. Voice interaction is meshed with data collaboration, and cloud like social graphs of interlinking objects and search become the focus of interaction.

It’s sort of cool, but the idea that somebody I know should pop up on my screen and demand my attention has as much appeal to me today as the instant messaging platforms I only switch on when I’ve got a chat scheduled…ie: none at all. Ryan Stewart though (post source) thinks otherwise, saying that “It’s a great vision….and it could be here today if you looked long and hard at Flash.”

Ultimately you can be the judge. One tip though: the video above looks a whole lot better in HD and set to full screen.