Man Hog-Ties And Beats Horse With Whip, Posts Pictures Of Abuse Via Facebook, Sparks Outrage

One man’s “horse training” photo has sparked outrage on Facebook. Although the man insists the horse was “combative,” many Facebook users still find his brand of discipline disturbing and extreme. The overwhelming number of concerned Facebook users have caused the shocking photo to go viral.

According to OKC-Fox, the shocking image uploaded to Facebook by a man named Jeromy Mixon shows a man “training” a horse in McCurtain County, Oklahoma. However, the style of training isn’t what you’d typically expect.

The photo captures the hog-tied horse laying on the ground as the man stands on its side. The man also looks as if he’s preparing to strike the horse with the whip he’s holding. As the flood of comments began pouring in, Mixon posted another photo of the horse in response to the comments.

This time, the horse is standing. The caption reads, “He’s alive!” However, the response didn’t assuage the concerns. In fact, the second photo may have added to the nuances of frustration. Many users claimed the second photo was posted to disparage the animal abuse accusations.

But, surprisingly, the man actually defended his actions.

“When did sitting on a colt become a crime?” he asked.

Of course, that only added to the controversy because many condemned the man and accused him of using a much older disciplinary action known as “breaking a horse.” Facebook user Wendy Stewart has also echoed similar sentiments, reports Opposing Views.

During a brief discussion with OKC-Fox, she shared her perspective of horse training from personal experience. She revealed she’s never had to resort to such drastic measures to train a horse.

“I work with horses. I’ve trained my own barrel horse and I have colts that I work with, stud colts. I would never do something like this- hog tie a horse and throw it down like that and stand on it to so-called teach it manners. That’s not the way you teach a horse manners,” she said.

Stewart found the photo so disturbing that she decided to contact Cuttin Up Radio via Facebook to have the photo shared. The Western Lifestyle Community also expressed concern.

“We understand the equine discipline that was used back in the days as we remember the switches and belts that were used on us growing up, today is a different day, things have changed, discipline has changed, laws have changed, and unfortunately the Western Lifestyle Community can not stand for this type of training, just like we do not stand for the soaring of horses in Tennessee.”

Justifiable horse training or blatant animal abuse? Share your thoughts.

[Image via Facebook]