'Bonnie And Clyde' Teens Caught -- Girl's Dad Says Neither Have Ever 'Hurt A Single Soul'

Puppy love can make you do crazy things -- like go on a multi-state crime spree. That's what Ohio teens Triston Kindle, 16, and Rose May, 15 -- dubbed a modern day "Bonnie and Clyde" -- have allegedly done. After several days on the lam, the couple has been caught.

They are in custody after they led officers on a 12-mile chase in a stolen truck. The kids then briefly attempted to swim across the Ohio River to evade officers, but learned they couldn't make it across and turned back, the Associated Press reported.

Though authorities liken to the duo to the far more violent Bonnie and Clyde, who were ultimately shot dead, Rose's father, John, said she and Triston are "just scared kids. Neither have a history of hurting a single soul," the Courier recounted.

The couple's criminal odyssey began on June 1, when they were reported missing from their homes. A Ford F-250 went missing about the same time, along with two weapons and shotgun shells from a local Walmart, the AP added. It was found Wednesday in Pennsylvania, and they stole a municipal truck next.

The next morning, a local cop, Jason Shallenberger, was called to a robbery at a mini-mart, and spotted the duo. They began to flee, but he grabbed the car door's handle. The driver hit the gas. The officer kept a hold of the bed rail and was dragged a bit before letting go, the Columbus Dispatch added.

The car was later found abandoned -- a manhunt for the pair was unsuccessful.

That was until Saturday in West Virginia. Bonnie and Clyde stole another vehicle -- a 2014 GMC Denali -- leading cops right to their tail. They chased the pair for 12 miles into the town of Sistersville, when they crashed and fled on foot.

The girl was allegedly armed. They jumped into the river, but it was over -- they were caught when they turned back to shore.

Investigators are now attempting to connect the teens to a laundry list of crimes, including armed robbery, car theft, and fleeing from police. They have been charged with possession of stolen property and fleeing from a vehicle resulting in property damage.

Their parents are relieved the lovebirds have finally been caught. After their disappearance last week, they naturally feared for the teens' safety, not that they would pose any kind of risk to the public. Now, they're on their way to West Virginia to meet with investigators.

[Photo Courtesy Twitter]