Bizarre: New Burger King commercial marries SpongeBob and square butts

A new advertising campaign from Burger King that marries SpongeBob and women with square buts hasn’t been well received in all quarters.

The ad campaign sees The Burger King “King” singing “I love square butts” surrounded by women shaking their square butts in an effort to promote a Burger King Kids Meal that comes with a SpongeBob SquarePants toy. Lyrics include the line “I wanna git wit’cha, cause you’re makin’ me richer.”

Do-gooder groups have come out and accused Burger King off sexualizing children meals. “Nickelodeon and Burger King have partnered to produce a new, highly sexualized, ad for a Burger King SpongeBob SquarePants Kids Meal. It is harmful enough when a beloved media icon advertises junk food to children, but selling Kids Meals by associating a beloved, male character like SpongeBob with lechery shows how little either company cares about the wellbeing of the children they target.” claim the Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood group.

The ad is questionable for a product aimed at children: I’m not making a moral judgment there, only an observation based on pitch, after all little kids who like SpongeBob aren’t exactly going to relate to dancing girls (and yes, I have a 6 year old.) But more than anything is just the sheer bizarre nature of the ad: whacked is the right word.

Ultimately you can be the judge: