Viral Video Shows Exes Playing A Game Of Truth Or Drink [Video]

Cut Video is the mastermind behind the viral “truth or drink” videos. The videos have featured grandparents, couples and parents, and their children in the past. However, the group recently took the game to a new level by featuring exes. The game is simple. One person asks a question, the other person can then either answer the question truthfully or take a drink.

The new set of videos featured seven different couples that dated in the past. The pairs are now separated and were brought back together to answer some intimate questions. They could then choose whether they wanted to answer the question or take a shot. The result is hilarious and has gone viral with over 2.5 million views in just three days.

The pairs each begin by taking a shot before moving on to the questions. From “If we were the last two people on Earth would be become lovers?” to “Is there anything you want to apologize for?” the questions range from funny to the more serious. However, the former couples realize that the game isn’t all about questions but also awkward situations. One of the cards says, “I dare you to take a body shot off of me.” If the person declines they are to take two shots instead. Ultimately, all of the former couples were good sports and seemed to answer the questions with both honesty and humor.

Would you play “truth or drink” with your most recent ex? What question do you think was best from the series? Which question would you refuse to answer, if any?

[Image Credit: Youtube Cut Video]