Camper Vs. Glamper: The Ultimate Camping Rap Battle [Video]

Rap battles have become a staple on YouTube, but this time the battle comes to the forest with two campers battling it out over who has the best camping style. Who will win? The camper or the glamper?

The video begins with a camper sitting in the woods alone watching birds. However, his peace is soon disturbed when a group of “glampers” arrive with all their gear and unhappy children. The glamper says that the camper should come over for dinner as he seems a little under prepared. However, the camper points out that the glamper may be a little over prepared. Before long, the pair are staring eye-to-eye as they each feel their way of camping is superior.

The rap battle begins with the traditional camper going first.

“Call me king of the woods, lord of the lake.”

The camper points out a number of things that traditional campers cherish such as their “mummy bags” that can keep you warm through temperatures of minus 30 degrees. He notes that he knows how to start a fire with little to no effort and that he carries everything he needs in his ultralight backpack. Meanwhile, the glamper says he can “camp big” with his two canoes and four-bike bike rack.

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Check out the rap battle and let us know who you think was better, the camper or the glamper? Do you prefer minimalist camping or luxury camping?

[Image Credit: Youtube]