Son Of Denver Broncos Owner’s 911 Call: John Bowlen Tries To Schmooze His Way Out Of Police Intervention

As the son of Denver Broncos owner Pat Bowlen, John is one of seven candidates who could inherent ownership of his father’s NFL team; but a recent 911 call caught on record and subsequently shared with the public could damage his chances to take over his dad’s legacy.

The incident in question occurred on Wednesday, when a 911 call made by Bowlen’s girlfriend was suddenly cut off, reported Denver Post. She claims that the interruption was made when the possible Denver Broncos heir pushed her into a wall. The 911 dispatcher called back to assure that the situation was under control and was greeted by John, who immediately lied about being the owner of the Denver Broncos and begins to namedrop various Denver public officials.

“This is the owner of the Denver Broncos. I’m sorry, okay? I have a crazy girlfriend, that is leaving my house right now. Nothing is wrong at all. You can call the sergeant of the police Mickey Warden; you can call Dave Abrahms; you can call anyone you want. Please do not do anything right now. Nothing is wrong. I swear on my life.”

Unimpressed by Denver Broncos ties, the 911 dispatcher continues to pry about where the woman who began the call was and why she has not come to the phone. Bowlen continued to deflect her questioning by saying that the woman, his girlfriend, is drunk and hysterical. John then says that he speaks “as the blood of the city” to try to assure the operator not to send any police.

“She has had seven beers. She is 95 pounds and she is being picked up by another male who she works out with. She is fine, and she is trying to cause a problem… As the blood — as the blood — as the blood of the city, I’m telling you right now, nothing is wrong. And she is leaving my house… I’m sober, I’m a man of my word, I’m a man of the city, a friend of the mayor, and everybody knows exactly who I am. I’ve been going through a lot because I’ve been taking care of my dad. She is leaving right now. Nothing is wrong. I love you guys. Bye-bye.”

Bowlen then ended the call only to have officers arrive at the scene to find a man yelling and a woman crying. The woman on scene later told officers that the Broncos employee had grown increasingly more irritated as he had drank heavily and did several rounds of whip-its — recreational use of cans of nitrous oxide — over the course of the evening. In the end, John was arrested and held at the Arapahoe County Jail on suspicion of third-degree misdemeanor assault and harassment charges.

John Bowlen’s father has expressed hopes that one of his seven children will take over the Denver Broncos as he has conceded his position due to a struggle with Alzheimer’s, previously reported the Inquisitr.

[Images via Arapahoe County Jail, Denver Broncos]