Charlotte McKinney Wardrobe Malfunction: Model Risks Losing Her Dress At Spike TV’s Guys’ Choice Awards

Charlotte McKinney, the busty model known for eating burgers and bouncing around the ballroom on Dancing with the Stars, nearly fell out of her dress at Spike TV’s Guys’ Choice Awards. However, it wasn’t her front cleavage that was in danger of being exposed — her wardrobe malfunction involved the back of her daring dress.

As E! News points out, Charlotte McKinney’s dress was business in the front, bare-naked in the back. If you looked at Charlotte head-on, it appeared as though she was wearing a baggy, sparkly sweater as a super-short dress. The look was still pretty risque because it was so brief, but it was even racier in the back — it scooped down so low that Charlotte showed off a little butt crack cleavage whenever she walked.

Charlotte McKinney suffers a slight wardrobe malfunction at the Spike TV Guys’ Choice Awards

The tiny bit of butt crack wasn’t really a major wardrobe malfunction, but, as you can see, the dress was also barely hanging on Charlotte McKinney’s shoulders — one false move, and the whole thing could have slid right off. The Inquisitr previously reported that Charlotte doesn’t like being compared to fellow curvy model Kate Upton, so perhaps she’s trying to kill the Kate comparisons by keeping her famous breasts covered up and shifting the focus to other equally-perfect body parts like her beautiful back and long legs.

Unfortunately for Charlotte McKinney, the Kate Upton comparisons probably won’t stop anytime soon — the models just have too much in common. As the Blemish points out, they both starred in Carl’s Jr. ads, and they both had nude photos leaked online. According to Coming Soon, Charlotte is also trying to follow in Kate’s footsteps by making the move to acting. She can currently be seen in the trailer for Joe Dirt 2: Beautiful Loser, the sequel to the 2001 film starring David Spade as a “white trash” hero with a mullet and a heart of gold. In the new film, Joe will travel back to the recent past via a tornado time machine, and he’ll have to find a way back home to his family and friends. You can catch a quick glimpse of Charlotte rocking a pair of white Daisy Duke overalls in the trailer below.

Joe Dirt 2: Beautiful Loser will premiere on Crackle on July 16. In addition to Mckinney and Spade, the cast includes Brittany Daniel, Christopher Walken, Dennis Miller, Kevin Farley, Mark McGrath, and Patrick Warburton.

During an interview with Page Six, McKinney explained why transitioning from modeling to making movies hasn’t been easy for her.

“I’m dyslexic, so when I’m reading stuff it takes me longer to catch on, and I have to read it over,” McKinney revealed.

Do you think Charlotte McKinney has what it takes to become a major movie star, or will she spend her entire Hollywood career losing good roles to Kate Upton?

[Mark Davis, Frazer Harrison/Getty]