Katie Castro: ‘Soccer Mom’ Takes On MMA Fighter In Match – What Do You Think Would Happen?

For anyone who fights in MMA, it is expected that in order to climb up in the ranks (as well as survive), one must train their body and mind to handle the rigors of taking on opponents in the Octagon. Even being top-notch in another combat sport (such as boxing, Greco-Roman wrestling, etc.) can mean nothing in MMA either. Just ask former boxing champion James Toney how his fight against Randy Couture was.

These days, most of the major MMA promotions are smart in who they book together. And though some bookings may be a bit slanted, most fights are generally on par with some sort of balance. UFC won’t book Ronda Rousey to take on a MMA fighter in her debut. That makes no sense. Yet, some MMA promotions seem not to care. Case and point: Xplode Fight Series booked a MMA fighter, making her pro debut against a “soccer mom.” What do you think would happen?

According to Uproxx, Katie Castro was booked to fight the debuting Ilima-Lei MacFarlene at Xplode Fight Series – Hurricane on January 28, 2015. Upon first glance at Castro, she doesn’t seem to fit the role of MMA fighter. “Soccer mom” seems to be a far better term to explain her. Anyways, Castro is set to take on MacFarlene and once the bell rings, things don’t turn out well for the “soccer mom.” For most people actually, it was gut-wrenching to watch.

After that execution-style knockout, the only rational thing Katie Castro should do is retire right? Apparently, that is not the case. According to Sherdog, Castro is a legit pro MMA fighter. She currently has a record of 0-3 in which her knockout loss to Ilima-Lei MacFarlene was her latest fight. That means Castro fought two other times in MMA prior to MacFarlene. And one must question observing how Katie Castro fought, is she even MMA trained?

Whatever the case, the reaction from the MMA community was either shocking disgust or sadness. An example of the former emotion can be seen in the comment section of the initial source. The user questioned how such a fight could even sanctioned in the first place. As for an example of the latter emotion, another user honestly hoped Castro wasn’t doing MMA because she was a “single mother who needed easy money.”

[Image via YouTube Screen Capture]