Airborne Crash Caught On Camera: Driver Update [Video]

An airborne crash was caught on a camera in Toronto last week, and the video is now picking up some viral steam as onlookers are puzzling to figure out how the individual involved survived.

An unidentified man was pulled from the wreckage of the video that you are about to see. He was rushed to the hospital by Toronto EMS with “serious injuries,” according to a report from CTV News Toronto.

While the prognosis was somewhat grim at first, the man has been stabilized and he’s showing signs of recovery, the news site notes.

CTV News did not know how the man lost control of his vehicle and crashed through the auto dealership, but police believe he may have accidentally pressed the accelerator instead of the brake. Alcohol and drugs have not been indicated at this time.

The owner of the auto shop, Bob Elford, confessed to being “stunned” by the video. In comments to the news site he had this to say.

“The car went airborne, missing the cars that were parked and went through the building clean, and was stopped by a structural beam.”

Take a gander at this, but a word of warning: it could be disturbing to some viewers.

Many in the comments section of the YouTube video posted above showed about as much concern as you would expect.

“D***ed fast and furious movies [sic],” wrote one. “Well at least he cleared that Porsche Cayenne… lol,” mourned another. “If that was a Tesla Model S the car would survive but the building would have collapsed.”

(Yeah, you don’t get much sympathy online if you live through something like this. Still, that’s definitely better than the alternative).

The last time that the Inquisitr brought you a crash video, it wasn’t of an airborne crash like this one, but a dash cam.

In that rather terrifying video, you can see a woman clearly run a red light and get smacked in the side for her troubles. She later tried telling police that it was the man who ran the light, but the dash cam proved otherwise.

Have you ever experienced an accident like this or the airborne crash? Are you the type of person who tenses up, plays it cool, or freaks out? Share your experiences in the comments section below.

[Image via screen grab from YouTube]