Parents Of Five-Month-Old Twins Win Over Fellow Passengers Ahead Of Tortuous Flight With Adorable Care Packages

The parents of five-month-old twins decided to try and win over their fellow passengers before they took their children on a flight by bribing them with a tremendous care package.

New Yorkers Alia and Chris McCants were traveling back to the Big Apple from Detroit after attending a funeral. This was only the second journey that they were taking with their twins, Aria and Carter, but rather than simply allowing the passengers around them to be inundated with noise by their young children they handed them a bag that had a lovely note, ear plugs, and an array of candy, which included Twizzlers, Tootsie Rolls, and a Hershey’s kiss.

The note from the twins read, “This is our second flight, ever. We came to Michigan to bury our Pops, Marcus Belgrave, and we’d like to apologize in advance if we get scared or our ears hurt on the plane on the way home.”

It continued, “Our parents hope we sleep the whole way… However, to make sure that you’re happy too, please accept this bag as a token of our appreciation for your patience.”

Mrs. McCants devised the idea after conducting research online for how to travel with new-born twins. She insisted that her fellow passengers adored the care packages, as she explained to CNN.

“People really seemed to appreciate it. What was really cool was that there were other parents on the plane both times who said things like, ‘I get it,’ or, ‘I’ve been there.’ I’ve realized that being a parent, especially a parent of twins, takes a village of people. Even if that ‘village’ only lasts the length of a flight, having other people who are in your corner is essential.”

Mrs. McCants, who married her husband in 2013, and gave birth to the twins at the end of 2014, explained to the Review-Journal, via the Daily Mail, that the twins had attended the funeral of their grandfather, Marcus Belgrave. The world-famous trumpeter, who played with the likes of Ray Charles and Aretha Franklin throughout his career, died at the age of 78 in April.

[Image via Nadezhda1906/Shutterstock]