Jennifer Lopez 'Booty' Causes A Diplomatic Incident In Morocco

Jennifer Lopez played a gig in front of 160,000 people at the Mawazine International Music Festival in Morocco on Friday and her performance caused quite a stir. Unfortunately for Lopez, it was most definitely not the kind of stir that she would have been hoping for. As reported by the Inquisitr, 45-year-old Jennifer's sexy performance has lead to widespread criticism and the possibility of Lopez ending up in court.

According to BBC News, the row about Lopez's performance has now spread to the Moroccan government. Prominent members of the North African countries ruling Justice and Development Party have said that Lopez's performance was a "breach of public decency." Now it seems that Morocco's Minister of Communication, Mustapha Khalfi, is facing calls for his resignation for allowing Lopez's performance to be aired live on television. Mr Khalfi has criticized Lopez saying that "what was broadcast is unacceptable and goes against broadcasting law."

According to the Independent, Lopez, who is famed for her booty, is being sued by an education group in Morocco over the performance, which they describe as "tarnishing women's honor and disturbing public order."

Jennifer's performance saw her onstage in a succession of skimpy and revealing outfits and showed her shaking her booty in the way that only Lopez does. It seems that the whole thing was just too sexy and provocative for a Moroccan and mostly Muslim TV audience. Lopez has performed in Morocco before but has never been shown on live television.

The BBC News report claims that fans were delighted by Lopez's live TV show, but the local media and members of government were less impressed. A number of MPs have requested that the "education, culture and communications committee of parliament hold a meeting" to discuss why Jennifer's "suggestive poses" and skimpy costumes were allowed to be broadcast on live television.

Morocco is a conservative, mainly Muslim nation, where performances such as the one put on by Lopez is likely to be seen as a public display of sexuality and to be shocking to many people. USA Today claim the Lopez's performance has lead to a national outcry. TMZ report that both Lopez and the concerts promoters are being sued over Jennifer's performance, and they claim that if she were found guilty, Lopez could be jailed for up to two years.

Lopez is due to start a cabaret residency in Las Vegas in January 2016.

What do Inquisitr readers think about Jennifer Lopez's performance in Morocco? Should Lopez have toned it down for a conservative nation or are the protests over the top?

[Photo by Rodrigo Varela/Getty Images]