‘Never Seen A Fat Girl In Her Underwear Before?’ Tess Holliday, Size 26, Doesn’t Care What You Think

Nobody who has any semblance of current fashion culture is ignorant to the fact that thin girls — perhaps not quite as thin as girls of the past, but thin nonetheless — are what fashion and the modelling industry are all about. The Victoria’s Secret models that trounce down the runway certainly could be no more than a size 2. Even Meghan Trainor, who was a voluptuous size 12, an American standard size, was thoroughly critiqued for her curves. While many supported her, some didn’t. And while she claims it didn’t bother her, it appears she’s lost some weight.

Enter Tess Holliday. She’s been on the scene before, but perhaps not quite so flashy — she’s in her underwear, or corset, or any which way she wants — and she thoroughly doesn’t care what you think. The size 26 model is considered “morbidly obese” my medical experts, but she’s flaunting her flesh and flavor with zest. In the UK, a size 26 is a size 22 in U.S., still quite large for a model. But Tess takes her criticisms in stride as she walks down the street and notices gawkers staring at her less-than-modest attire.

“Keep driving, a**holes! Never seen a fat girl in her underwear before?”

Well, it’s possible that due to the constraints of the culture, they haven’t. Still, while it’s not nice to openly stare at people, Tess Holliday is used to it and takes it in stride. While so much of her has “supermodel” written on it — her wavy auburn hair, pouty lips and luminous eyes — she has no problem telling you that she is, indeed, fat.

“To me it’s just a word, but it wasn’t until I discovered the body positive community that I became OK with it. I’ve been called fat my whole life. I am fat, so it’s kind of silly to get mad about it.”

Heavily present on social media like Instagram and Twitter, she shares her body and her opinion. Holliday has close to a million likes on Facebook and nearly 800,000 followers Instagram. While many trash her body or opine that obesity is just plain ugly, she simply seems not to care.

“To the people that fight on my social media: I don’t give a f**k. Get a therapist, phone a psychic or eat a fu**in’ burger… grow up. No one is coming at celebrities for smoking two packs of cigarettes. Or people who post a photo with their drink at the end of the day. So why is it OK to do that to me for eating?”

[Photo by The Guardian]