Proof Of Alien Presence On Moon? Old Soviet Moon Mission Photos Reveal UFOs, Alien Artifacts On Moon, Blogger Says

An alien UFO hunter reports that while going through old Soviet Luna Program mission photos, he came across an alien ship in the shape of a cross and several alien artifacts on the Moon, which provide evidence of alien presence on Earth's natural satellite.

According to Scott Waring, editor of UFO Sightings Daily, while going through a NASA site showing photos from the Soviet Luna Program of the late 1950s, 1960s, and early 1970s, he found a link to a website, which also contains photos from the Soviet Luna Program missions.

While looking at photos on the site, he noticed curious anomalies, which he believes give proof of an alien presence on the Moon before the early U.S. and Soviet missions of the 1950s to the 1970s.

One set of photos shows a "screw-like" container on the lunar surface and an object with wheels.

Waring observed that he has encountered an object in Mars photos similar to the "screw-like" object apparently abandoned on the lunar surface. This might suggest that the aliens that left the artifacts on the Moon also visited Mars.

Another photo shows what Waring believes to be an alien spaceship – a UFO in the shape of a cross – parked on the lunar surface.

Waring remarked that "alien ship" appeared to have been parked on the spot for a very long time.

He comments that the object, which he assumes is an alien spacecraft, is only one of hundreds of abandoned ships he has found on the Moon. Waring's comment gives a startling picture of a lunar surface littered with debris from alien visitations, possibly spanning millions of years of the age of the Moon.

He observes that his latest finding recalls a discovery several years ago of a swastika-shaped alien spacecraft parked on the lunar surface.

The Luna Program, consisting of flyby, orbiting, and landing missions using robotic spacecraft, was conducted by the Soviet Union from 1959 to 1976. The purpose of the program was to collect useful information about the Moon for scientific purposes, as well as for planning future manned missions to the Moon.

The mission achieved many firsts, some of which were dubious firsts. For instance, Luna 1, launched in January 1959, missed its impact on the Moon and became the first spacecraft from Earth to fall into orbit around our Sun.

Luna 2, launched in September 1959, impacted on the Moon and thus became the first man-made object to reach the Moon. Luna 3, launched to the Moon in October 1959, was the first man-made craft to send back photographs of the far side of the Moon.

Lunar 9 achieved the first soft landing on the Moon and sent back five photographs that were the first close-up photos of the lunar surface. Subsequent missions collected samples of lunar soil and brought them back to Earth.

The purpose of the Luna Program was to prepare the Soviets for a manned mission to the Moon. But the missions, which ended in 1976, failed to achieve that goal.

[Images: NASA via UFO Sightings Daily]