Kylie Jenner Gets Support From Tyga During Caitlyn Jenner Transformation, Chris Brown Jealous?

Kylie Jenner and Tyga are still going strong these days. Their controversial relationship has been in the center of several rumors lately. Now, it looks like Kylie has Tyga’s back when it comes to Caitlyn Jenner’s transformation.

It doesn’t mean that it doesn’t make things awkward. Tyga’s friend, Chris Brown, slammed Caitlyn Jenner in a transphobic Instagram post that was later removed, as previously reported via the Inquisitr. Now, Kylie Jenner is hoping her talk with Tyga will convince Chris Brown to apologize. According to an alleged source, Jenner’s boyfriend has her back no matter what.

“Kylie wants an apology. Tyga is very protective of her and her family, so chances are he’ll say something to Chris about this. He’s that kind of guy.”

Kylie Jenner doesn’t understand Chris Brown’s transphobic post. She’s confused why he would call Caitlyn Jenner a “science project.”

“Kylie doesn’t understand why he would do this. It’s very hurtful. She’s shocked that he would do something like this. She never expected it. It’s put her and everyone in the family in a hard place because they all really like Chris and they’ve always stood by him.”

Could it be because Chris Brown is jealous of Tyga’s relationship with the very young Kylie Jenner? Several reports are claiming that the R&B singer is envious of his friend’s relationship because it reminds him of his relationship with Karrueche Tran. Brown got really jealous when Jenner made a surprise appearance on the set of Tyga’s new music video with Pia Mia. Brown and Tyga are working together with on the singer’s new song, “Do It Again.” Apparently, Jenner’s red-hot appearance made Brown green with envy.

“Kylie showed up looking [red-hot] to support Tyga. They were hugging and laughing and being themselves. She even brought him a pack of Starburst. Karrueche used to do little things like that for Chris just to spice up his day and show him that she loves him. Chris took a second and just stood there, watching Kylie and Tyga interact between takes.

He thinks they’re truly in love and when the break was over, he told Tyga, ‘D**n man, I wish I could be you right about now. Your happy and your girl reps for you. That’s what’s up’.”

Earlier this week, Tyga reportedly supported Kylie Jenner after Caitlyn Jenner’s reveal on the cover of Vanity Fair. The couple were spotted visiting Kendall Jenner, 19, at her Los Angeles home. Kylie Jenner and Tyga’s relationship is still illegal and controversial, but it looks like the couple sticks together no matter what.

[Images: Jason Merritt / Getty Images and Jonathan Leibson / Getty Images for VITY]