Bindi Irwin Focuses On Family, Unconditional Love, And Confidence In Latest Social Media Posts

Bindi Irwin is making a mark all on her own these days as the 16-year-old continues the work her late father, Steve Irwin of The Crocodile Hunter, did prior to his death. Though many still envision Bindi as the little girl who helped her dad, she’s now generating plenty of buzz on her own and sharing her thoughts on family, love, and self-confidence

Irwin posts frequently to Instagram, and fans love to see how close she is with her mom and younger brother. This family has been in the spotlight for many years now, even nearly a decade after the Crocodile Hunter’s death. One recent Instagram photo that really touched fans showed Bindi with her mom, Terri, and little brother, Robert.

Bindi’s photo showed the three family members together, and the kids were looking at a koala as Terri looked down at Robert. The teen captioned the photo, “Because family means everything,” and fans know how dedicated she is to her family. Bindi has praised her brother and her relationship with him often in the past, and it’s clear they’re very close. Another post focused on seeking unconditional love with a quote about how everybody is in one’s life for a reason, but not everybody is meant to stay until the end.

The Crocodile Hunter teen shared a fun flashback photo this past week showing her with her dad. Another picture showed her a bit glammed up and speaking to self-confidence and being true to one’s self. Bindi often posts and writes about being a confident, centered teen, and she’s said that she’s not going to be one who goes down a road of being rebellious and controversial. At times, she does stir up a bit of buzz over her words, but fans love what Bindi has to say and hang on every post.

Irwin is definitely looking more and more grown up with her recent Instagram posts, but she shares plenty that shows she’s still a girl who quite simply loves her family, friends, animals, and the work her family continues to do. Bindi is starting to show more of her glamorous side, though as the Daily Mail shares, she’s still very much at home in her khakis and working with the Australia Zoo as a “wildlife warrior” to honor her father and his work.

The teen has made quite the impact already in the years since her father died, and it seems clear she’s got a lot planned for the years ahead. She’s always been quite open about the pain she’s felt with father Steve Irwin’s death, but the Crocodile Hunter family has also shown strength and determination in moving ahead.

Where does Bindi Irwin go from here? It seems she’s ready to take the world by storm, and fans can’t wait to see what she accomplishes in the years to come.

[Image via Bindi Irwin’s Instagram]