Bindi Irwin ‘Cover Up’ Talk: Teen Urges Girls To Dress Their Age

The Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin’s daughter Bindi Irwin tells girls to cover up and dress their age in a new interview out just ahead of the day she turns 16. The teen talked to about her blossoming style, and she had a few bits of advice for her followers. It seems this gal is no Kendall Jenner as she has no desire to shock people with revealing fashion choices.

Bindi Irwin’s cover up talk came out as she said that she’s “a big advocate for young girls dressing their age.” She said that as she looks around, she sees a lot of teens about her age who are wearing very revealing clothes. She says, “I feel really bad for them.” In addition, she says she thinks the revealing choices often make girls look like they’re trying too hard or they then look younger than they really are.

The insightful teen also says that a casual T-shirt and jeans can look gorgeous and classy, and she encourages girls to dress in a way that fits who they really are. Irwin credits her mom for her outlook on fashion and style, and she says she does hope to inspire others around her with her choices. The comments may seem as if they come from someone much older and wiser than a 15-year-old teen, and Bindi admits she feels like an old soul.

From the sounds of things, this young lady is not a teen who will be making headlines in the same ways that teens such as Lindsay Lohan, Kendall Jenner or Selena Gomez do. Bindi Irwin says she likes poetry, reading, tea and “old people things.” She doesn’t have much interest in partying and boozing.

While many applaud Bindi Irwin’s “cover up” talk, she was on the receiving end of some criticism as well. As the BBC notes, Neighbours actress Caitlin Stasey tweeted a few thoughts to Irwin. Stasey said, “Open letter to bindi, in ten years you’ll wish you stood beside your shared sex rather than be proud you belittled their choices & agency.” Stasey also called Irwin out on her position as a youth ambassador for SeaWorld. When some criticized Stasey, especially since Irwin is just a teen, the actress tweeted that people should “Quit being so g***amn patronizing.”

It doesn’t look as if Bindi is letting the criticism get her down. Monday Irwin tweeted, “You are beautiful. Kind. Intelligent. Please always remember this. Your soul is capable of magic. Your heart will change people’s lives.” While there will always be critics, many think that The Crocodile Hunter’s daughter has grown to be an inspiring, insightful young woman. Most think her dad, deceased TV star Steve Irwin, would be proud. Will Bindi Irwin’s cover up talk encourage other teens to wear less revealing clothing?

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