Kylie Jenner Gets Tangled In A Long Rope While Rocking Skimpy Underwear Causing Her Vast Cleavage To Overflow

Kylie Jenner isn't new to hanging out in her underwear but on Monday, the young billionaire found a new way to do just that. The 22-year-old Keeping Up with the Kardashians star used a long rope to pull herself upward, as seen via her most recent Instagram posts.

In the first of two separate social media updates, Kylie stood on tiptoes as she grabbed onto a thick pink rope that was wound around her hot body. She rocked a matching pair of light pink lingerie, including a bra and a thong that sat high on her ample hips. The top part of the risque ensemble featured an underwire and a low cut, putting the entrepreneur's enviable cleavage on full display.

For the pose -- which was shown in two versions, the second of which was a close-up of the first version -- Kylie wore her super long brunette locks down behind her back as the tresses, which probably included extensions, hit at knee level. Her face was full of makeup, including darkened and arched eyebrows, pink eye shadow, blush, and contouring, black mascara on what looked like faux lashes, black eyeliner on the top lid and the bottom waterline, and darkened lips that appeared to have been plumped.

In the image, Kylie ignored the camera's lens. Instead, she shot a stare above the photographer's head in a sexy and sensual look.

Kylie's nearly 158 million Instagram followers seemed enamored with the update. Within a couple of hours of going live, the post received more than 4.1 million likes and a bit less than 25,000 comments.

Many people used the post for self-serving reasons, writing about their own enterprises and other matters, while most of them talked about Kylie.

"Chained," exclaimed one excited fan.

The second post that Kylie shared on Instagram on Monday also included the pink rope. In this instance, the brunette beauty was actually climbing the apparatus that seemed to hang from a ceiling. She gripped a portion of the rope with her perfectly manicured hands while she threw her head back as she looked upwards.

A large portion of rope remained wrapped around the star, with some crossing over her flat tummy and down one leg, covering the front of her pink thong. The image, which was intense, garnered a cupcake emoji from Kylie, perhaps her inspiration for working out in such a unique manner.

Meanwhile, not long ago, Kylie cleaned out her enormous closet while rocking mismatched shoes and an outfit full of holes in an Instagram post, proving this diva doesn't always need to rock sexy attire on social media. She also does not need to act in such an unexpected way as she did on January 13 in order to gain a lot of attention from her astounding number of avid fans.