Pit Bull, Who Had Its Muzzle Duct-Taped For Two Days, Has Completely Recovered — Animal Abuser Arrested, But There’s More

Caitlyn, the 15-month old pit bull who had her muzzle duct-taped for two whole days, has made a remarkable recovery, owing to the diligent efforts of the veterinary staff at Mount Pleasant, South Carolina. However, the incident has snowballed into something amazing not just for Caitlyn, but also for other dogs who are carelessly abandoned or abused at the hands of barbaric individuals.

Caitlyn’s condition was critical when she was discovered, with her muzzle brutally taped shut with electrical duct tape. Her tongue was hanging out and with no blood circulation. Initially, doctors had feared that it may have to be partly removed. No food and water for two whole days had taken its toll on her body. Her previous owners had committed the mistake of selling her to an unidentified man for $20.

Caitlyn's Tongue Was Severely Engorged And Doctors Initially Feared She Might Lose It

The new owner took her home and bound her muzzle with tape. While it is not known if Caitlyn was dumped or she escaped, she was found quite near to her former owner’s home. By the time she was found, her tongue had become swollen and engorged. The chocolate Staffordshire bull terrier mix was rushed by Charleston Animal Society to the animal hospital, where she was admitted to intensive care.

The Tightly Wound Tape Had Caused A Lot OF Damage

The vets carefully cut out the tape, but the way it was bound, left deep marks on the muzzle. Caitlyn was put on a liquid diet, which was administered intravenously. Antibiotics, hyperbaric treatments, and laser treatments followed to correct the damage caused to her lips. Slowly, the pit bull showed signs of recovery and, after a couple of weeks, has begun consuming small portions of solid food.

Meanwhile, the news about Caitlyn and the abuse meted out to her spread, and the response was astounding. In order to catch the barbaric person who did this to a mute animal, the Humane Society offered a reward of $5,000 to anyone with information on the perpetrator. Former South Carolina Gamecocks star Connor Shaw, who now plays for the Cleveland Browns, said he would personally donate the money for any information.

The police, too, swung into action and have arrested a suspect, 41-year-old William Leonard Dodson. He has been charged with ill treatment of animals and torture. A court judge forbade Dodson from owning any pets and forced him to surrender the other dog in his home as an added precaution.

Caitlyn Has Made An Amazing Recovery Thanks To The Vets.

As news of Caitlyn’s ordeal and amazing recovery continues to spread, Toby’s Fund, a charity fund that finances medical care for abused and abandoned animals, has been inundated with calls and donations. People from across the nation have expressed their interest in being a part of cessation of animal abuse and torture at the hands of humans. It seems Caitlyn has inspired the nation to take a strong stand against animal abusers.

[Image Credit: ABC News 4 and Charleston Animal Society]