Fan Blows Kiss to Rays’ Chris Archer — He Catches It…And Throws It Away

A Tampa Bay Rays fan left Safeco Field heartbroken on Friday night after his air kiss to pitcher Chris Archer was hilariously skillfully rebuffed.

At the end of the game in Seattle between the Tampa Bay Rays and the Seattle Mariner, a fan yelled to Chris to get his attention. When Archer heard him and looked up, the excited fan, Luke Albright, blew him an air kiss.

With a shoulder-roll and a look of revulsion, Archer swiftly grabbed the kiss — but there was no happy ending for this lovelorn fan. After catching the unsolicited air smooch, the right-handed pitcher threw it over the dugout railing and sent it sailing into the dirt.

Alas, there will be no love here.

Watch, as in a few seconds, Archer takes the poor, smitten fan on an emotional roller coaster that would normally take an entire relationship experience.

Still…maybe next time, fan. Don’t stop sharing the love.