Brittney Griner Files For Annulment, Claims No Knowledge of Glory’s Pregnancy Details

WNBA star Brittney Griner filed for an annulment from her fellow WNBA playing and pregnant wife Glory Johnson yesterday, just 28 days after the couple’s wedding. Just the day before, Johnson had announced her pregnancy via Instagram with the statement “welcome to the Johnson Griner family,” but according to paperwork filed with the court, Brittney Griner wasn’t exactly in the loop on their growing brood.

According to a report by TMZ, documents filed by Griner on Friday, including those requesting an annulment, state that she has “no biological connection” to the baby and that she wasn’t even aware of the details of the pregnancy. Griner also claims that she had tried to postpone the wedding to Johnson that took place last month but felt “threatened” and “pressured” into the wedding.

Brittney Griner’s revelation about the marriage and subsequent impending end to the marriage is quite different than the one Glory Johnson portrays about their relationship. On Friday, Johnson posted a message on her Twitter account touting the excitement over being reunited with Griner.

A post from May 28, however, might have given some sort of indication that things were amiss in the relationship between Griner and Johnson when Glory shared a picture of edible arrangements. While most of the balloons in the picture say “I love you” one lonely balloon shares the words, “I’m sorry.”

The relationship of Brittney Griner and Glory Johnson has been one of highs and lows. In April, Griner and Johnson were both arrested for domestic violence after the two became engaged in a physical altercation. In May, Brittney and Glory said their “I do’s” in an elegant mountaintop ceremony in Phoenix.

Just days after the wedding, the WNBA announced a seven-game suspension of both Griner and Johnson as a result of their arrests. Brittney Griner humbly acknowledged her wrongdoing both to the WNBA and by accepting responsibility for her role in the incident. Glory Johnson has maintained her innocence in the matter, even lambasting the WNBA for inflicting the same punishment as Brittney Griner.

In a recent interview with Sports Illustrated, Johnson stated that she has not pled guilty to the charges and will continue to fight them. Johnson also stated that Griner understands her “not guilty” plea and that Griner would speak out of her behalf.

Considering Brittney Griner’s recent accusations that Johnson bullied her into marriage, it seems unlikely that Glory Johnson should expect Griner’s assistance in her defense.

As for the dissolution of their short marriage, Brittney Griner maintains that she and Johnson had come to an understanding about it earlier in the week. Johnson’s agent states she was “blindsided” by the announcement.